Common Mistakes Not To Make In Emails

When writing out a professional email, especially an email intended for email marketing, you need to avoid several common mistakes. Having typos or mistakes in your emails can make them seem less professional and will make people take you less seriously. Here is a list of those mistakes, and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Don’t avoid the Greeting. Even if this is an email intended for marketing purposes, you should definitely include a greeting. This makes it less awkward for the reader.

2. Don’t hit send before you’re sure it’s ready. When crafting an email that is going to be used for professional purposes, you need to make sure its 100% ready. Read it, proofread it, read it again, and let it sit and come back to it to make sure you’re happy with it before you hit send.

3. The subject line should be informative, but not too casual. When crafting a subject line, you need to make sure it tells the recipient what it’s about, but at the same time, doesn’t come off as too casual or flippant. Make sure the subject line, like the email body, is properly proofread and looks professional, and is also attention-getting and will entice the recipient to click on it.

4. Personalize emails. If you don’t personalize emails for marketing them, people will just delete. Make sure that the recipient thinks that the email is for them and only them. Personalize it with their name for starters, and if there are other ways you can personalize it, go for it. Personalization will keep people reading for longer.

5. Don’t make your message too long. If your message is too long, people will most likely just throw the message in the trash. Make it short, sweet, and clear to the reader what you want, and how it will help them.

6. Don’t spam. Ever. Send one email and that’s it. If nothing comes of that email to the one recipient, then you got a miss, go find someone else. Spamming ruins your reputation and makes people less likely to want to use your product or service. Know other ways how to make money by blogging, go to

7. Don’t forget to include links. Putting links in your email makes it easy for people to get more information, and you can also track those links to find out how many people are interested in your service or product, and which parts of it.

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